The European Artisan Café - Restaurant

About Ovio

A European restaurant/café that is driven by our desire to provide quality Artisan food for Ovio’s customers. The unique selection of fresh bread, delicious patisserie and flavorsome dishes are inspired by our European heritage and aim to excite everyone who appreciates great food.


At Ovio, we work closely with specialty farmers and gourmet suppliers to trace the sources of our raw materials to guarantee that our products are made from the highest quality ingredients. Our food is displayed in the restaurants, reflecting our transparent approach and philosophy in everything we do.


The contemporary design of Ovio and our friendly staff will provide you with an exceptional experience whether you decide to join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Treat yourself with a touch of Europe and enjoy our signature Café au Lait bowl with a selection of Viennese cakes.

Ovio will bring a genuine European culinary experience to the country